Social Media Policy

Cosacss understand the importance of new technology for children and young people’s development. However we recognise that relevant safeguards need to be put in place by sports clubs to ensure children and young people remain safe whilst online or using social media.  As a club we also feel that this applies to parents/carers and their conduct on social media

We ask that you take a few minutes to read through and discuss this policy with your children:

  • We will be responsible for our behaviour when using the internet and other online media at the club, including the resources we access and our use of language within this forum in general or about others within or outside the club.
  • We will not deliberately browse, download or access material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If we accidently come across such material we will report this to an adult or the club.
  • We will not use social networking or the internet to send anyone material that could be considered threatening, offensive, upsetting, bullying or illegal.
  • We understand that our use of internet and other online media or club ICT equipment can be monitored, logged and made available to my coach and other staff members at the club.
  • We will not give out any of our personal information such as name, age, address or telephone number.
  • We will not share our passwords with anyone else.
  • I will not arrange to meet someone unless accompanied by a member of staff or parent/carer.