Code of Conduct for Swimmers


To make COSACSS swimmers fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

General Behaviour

COSACSS swimmers will at all times:

  1. Treat all members of the club with due respect including:
    • Fellow Swimmers
    • Coaches
    • Officials
    • General Public
  2. Treat all swimmers & representatives from other clubs/officials/pool staff politely and with due respect.
  3. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment or physical violence will not be tolerated, either on poolside or in any public areas and could result in action being taken through the club disciplinary or child welfare policy.
  4. Participate in their sport within the rules of the ASA and respect both officials and their decisions.
  5. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Training Sessions

COSACSS swimmers should:

  1. Arrive in good time to stretch before start time. If you are unavoidably late for a session, apologise to your coach and ask permission to train. If you arrive after the warm up has been completed or when there is insufficient time left to fully warm up, your coach may not allow you to swim.
  2. Respect the changing facilities of the centre.
  3. Have all of your equipment with you, i.e. paddles, kick boards. hats, goggles etc.
  4. Use the toilet before training begins, and always inform the coach if you need to leave the pool.
  5. Keep hydrated – have at least 1 filled water bottle ready for consumption during training.
  6. Pay attention to pre-training instructions and explanation of the set – it wastes time for both the coaches and the swimmers if instructions need repeating.
  7. Always swim to the wall as you do in a race, and practice turns as instructed.
  8. Don’t stop and stand in the lane, you may get injured.
  9. Don’t pull on the lane ropes as this may injure other swimmers.
  10. Don’t skip lengths or sets, you are only cheating yourself.
  11. Think about what you are doing during training.
  12. Be aware that younger swimmers may be training and changing with you.  Please consider this in your behaviour and language

Lane Etiquette

COSACSS swimmers must:

  1. Having been allocated to a lane by the Coach, accept the Coach’s decision and train accordingly.
  2. Remain conscious of where your teammates are in the lane.
  3. Be considerate to allow a faster swimmer to pass safely by slowing down, avoid stopping where possible, and do not submerge to let the swimmer pass.
  4. Faster swimmers must realise that slower swimmers are trying just as hard as they are and their set is no less important.
  5. Pulling on other swimmers is forbidden.
  6. One touch ONLY to the foot of the swimmer in front on the side that you are passing is allowed and can be helpful.
  7. Don’t swim on another swimmers feet/too close, this is annoying and disrespectful to that swimmer, a 5 sec gap is ideal.
  8. Don’t swim in the middle of the lane, this is the area to be used for passing and is also the extra space needed for the extra inches of the arms and legs of Breaststrokers and Flyers.
  9. Remember to allow other swimmers behind you to turn or finish correctly and safely (move out of the way of their finish)

Changing Room Etiquette

  1. Respect the Changing Room facilities….They should not be used as a playground.
  2. There should be no use of electronic equipment with photograph taking abilities in the Changing Rooms or on the viewing balcony.


COSACSS swimmers must:

  1. Swim events and galas that the Coach has selected you for (unless agreed otherwise by prior agreement). Show respect and compliance to requests and instructions from the Coach, team manager and chaperones.
  2. Behave in a manner that supports and reflects the good name of COSACSS.
  3. Wear official COSACSS kit ,i.e. Swim Hats and shirts. Club shirts must be worn for the presentation of medals and awards.
  4. Warm up properly by swimming, not playing or stopping in the lane. Obey the instructions of the Warm Up Marshalls.
  5. Be part of the TEAM. Stay with the Team on poolside throughout the Gala. If you wish to leave poolside for any reason you must ask permission of the Coach, Team Manager or Chaperone. If you do leave poolside for any reason ensure that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  6. Support your Team Mates.
  7. Swim down after each race, if the facility is available, do not use this time to play.
  8. After your race report directly to the Coach (not your parents). Receive feedback on your race and splits.
  9. Let the Coach be the judge of your performance, it is important that you talk and listen to your Coach immediately before and immediately after your event for accurate and specific feedback on your performance. Make a mental note of any suggestions for improvement which you can practise in training and implement in future competitions.
  10. Publicly accept all the judgments of Officials. If there is a need to speak to the referee this must be done through your coach.