Squad Structure

Our aim is to develop swimmers to their full potential in a disciplined and friendly environment.

Cosacss swimmers train within a tiered squad structure. Each tier fulfils their requirements as they develop their technical skills and mature as competitive swimmers.

These are our squads:


This is the starting point on the competitive swimming ladder for many children.  Swimmers from age of 7 who have reached the standard of ASA Level 7 or Shark will be considered for entry to these squads. Here the emphasis is on Technique, including competitive starts & turns. The Development Squads have a maximum of 12 swimmers per group.


This is the progression from the Development Squads. Here the swimmers start to learn how to train to become competitive swimmers. This squad has a maximum of 15 children.


The swimmers at this level concentrate on advanced stroke, starting, turning and finishing techniques. They learn the rules of competitive swimming and will be encouraged to swim in galas at a level consistent with their development. The Junior Squad is limited to 25 children.  Children in this squad will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 training sessions per week.


Technique continues to be the focus at this level, whilst developing an increased level of fitness. Children in this squad should be aiming to achieve qualification times to compete in County Championships and are expected to attend a minimum of 4 sessions per week. This squad contains a maximum of 25 swimmers and the maximum age is 14.


This squad prepares swimmers for full integration into the Performance Squad.


This is our top squad where swimmers are expected to aim for entry into Regional and National events. The squad is split into Age Group (13 and Under) and Youth (14 and over) To achieve this level of success they are expected to attend a minimum of 5 (age Group) and 6 (Youth)sessions per week plus a land training session.


A masters training squad is available for swimmers who cannot commit to the training requirements of the Performance or Club Squads but wish to maintain a level of fitness. This squad is ideal for ex-competitors, Masters swimmers and Triathletes.